Property & Construction Law

property and construction law

Property & Construction Law

When you decide to purchase or sell a property, you may face a series of complex legal documents and legal procedures. Obtaining professional legal advice as early as possible will improve the safety and efficiency of your case to a large extent. Johninfo Lawyers has extensive experience in assisting clients in all aspects of commercial and residential property matters. Our team take a pragmatic approach to provide the clients with personalized legal solutions based on clients’ actual needs, to ensure all property transactions and property-related disputes settled efficiently, and to maximize and protect clients’ interests.

Our legal services cover all aspects of property law, including but not limited:

  • Purchase / Sale of property
  • Lease of property
  • Transaction of property/transaction as a gift
  • FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) Application
  • First homeowner grant schemes by states and territories
  • Construction and renovation
  • Property management and disputes
  • Property-related tax, GST, CGT, etc.
  • Others: property-related contract disputes, caveat, freeze order, easement, legal searches of title, defects of title, etc.

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The most popular questions for purchase matters:

  • Signing of contract and exchange of contract
  • Holding deposit and deposit
  • Cooling-off period and related rights
  • First homeowner grant schemes
  • FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) Application
  • Land tax and vacancy charge

The most popular questions for sale matters:

  • Preparation of contract of sale
  • Sales agent and related agency agreement
  • Auction and its procedure
  • GST and GST withholding
  • CGT and CGT withholding

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