Jason Angus Cameron

Law Firm Partner
Principal Solicitor
Senior Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0107604)

Phone: 02 9223 5388


He holds a law degree from the University of Sydney and a master degree in international law from the University of Technology Sydney. As a principal solicitor, equipped with comprehensive professional knowledge and more than 20 years of extensive experience, he is excelled at dealing with difficult legal matters in a variety of areas professionally.


He is especially specialized in construction, conveyancing, contract disputes and appeal cases. He wins a high admiration and is widely trusted among clients since he is always committed to protecting clients’ rights and interests.

Pratice Areas

  • Corporation and Commercial Law
  • Civil Litigation, Appeal & Dispute Resolution
  • Property and Construction Law
  • Immigration Matters & Appeal
  • Will, Estate & Probate
  • Divorce, Property Settlement and Parenting
  • International Investment Advice
  • Consultant Services for Companies & Individuals

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